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Sunday, October 14, 2007

For your viewing pleasure

This year's European Machinima awards have just been announced. I know some of you are having trouble coming up with a storyline and watching awhole bunch of excellent-quality machinima might help. My advice for you storyline is not to be too ambitious in what you want to tell. You could also create just the first episode in an as-yet-unrealized series, too (see Machinima Island for ideas here). Speaking of Machinima Island, the developers are crowd-sourcing plotlines and calling for suggestions from you here. This might be another way to get your storylines flowing.

Interestingly enough, Hugh Hancock and John Ingram have just published, Machinima for Dummies and strongly recommend beginning with an actual storyline script for machinima (and other) movie making after you've spent some time mucking around with resources, so perhaps this might be the next for some of you.


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