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Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Digital Remix

After reading the article Colin and Michelle wrote online about Digital Remix ( , I have been thinking about how much digital remix applies to my life experiences. I never thought about things like photoshop or commercials as remixes. Also, it's interesting to think that everytime someone reads a book, or views a website, that experience is a remix because people experience things differently and will look at both with new and differnt eyes than the last.
Hybridization of the remixes represents so much creative and interpretive capability. If students are able to combine video game characters with digital storytelling, it demonstrates an ability to connect characters with representative music, and take literal and factual comprehension so far by connecting characters and plot with music, images, etc. There is so much potential for incorporating this into the classroom and using remixes as lesson extensions and creative options for students. I hope that I am able to transfer even a small amount of the things I am learning about effectively and appropriately into my lessons.


Blogger Innes said...

I was struck by that, too, as I read the article. When my kids were in elementary school, one focus in language arts was for the students to make self-to-text connections (and text-to-text connections). My husband and I always made fun of this pretensious sort of ed-speak, nevertheless incorporating it into our everyday lingo. So, the article screams to me: SELF-TO-TEXT CONNECTIONS!

Relating this to our final project, i think i am going about it all wrong...i have been trying to find original spins and connections (which is nearly impossible!) what i need to do is start with some established piece of media, and then spin it "my way."

October 9, 2007 at 9:11 PM  

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