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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Let the Creator Beware!

When chatting with Michele I mentioned some copyright issues that I was facing and she asked that I relay them to you. So, the following is an excerpt from my journal regarding same:

"I read a lot about copyright and found out that basically all Fanfic violates copyright laws. Scary! So, I got to work to see how all this applied to me and my project.After much searching I finally found what I needed to know about copyright restrictions and the specific guidelines I needed to apply to my “FAIR USE” video specifically regarding portion limitations."

This is the web site you should visit to explore items pertaining to this issue.:
Sanford Copyright

Sorry to squelch all your creative juices but we don't want the copyright policeman down on us!

How are you all doing regarding this issue?

P.S. Michele I did it! I followed your HTML lesson and created a direct link.


Blogger Innes said...

browsing through your link, and recalling the "piracy" reading, i'm still not clear about how wrong i'm being when i use a song as soundtrack for a video motnage....i did buy the music to begin with...but am i performing significant "transformation" when i pair it with original images?

i do know that, after seeing my first "video" (daughter, daughter in the water), several people have gone out and purchased the album that the song is featured on! this fits in with a certain scenario mentioned in the articles.

October 18, 2007 at 8:35 AM  

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