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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Getting the Ball Rolling...

Christine and I met Monday to continue working on our video. We have a theme and found a lot of great picts. on Google Images, and some videos on YouTube. Thanks for all the tips from everyone on different topics so far. At first we were confused on how to put music from iTunes onto iVideo, but someone told us to burn the song onto a CD first, and then upload the song into iTunes via the CD, so hopefully that works out.

Lauren, I watched your video and it is so cute! Great work!
I am planning my wedding right now and found this blog spot so helpful. The woman who runs it must be a wedding planner or photographer...anyways, she has so many cool ideas, pictures, articles, etc. Here is the link.....
Pass it along to anyone you know who would find it helpful! Good luck with the projects everyone!


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